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Joint Laxity

By: Jane Anderson

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Even though joint disorders commonly occur, joint laxity is one of the rarest joint ailments. By joint laxity we mean the loosening of the joint bones. Such joint disorders mainly take place in case of the joints of the shoulders, hips and the knee cap regions. The joint dislocation and laxity is also termed as double jointedness or hypermobility. This kind of musculoskeletal disorder is mainly due to injury or slacking of joints, ligaments and muscles.

Generally the process of joint laxity means the detachment of the femoral head from the acetabula due to the incidence of fulcrum stress or the procedure of palpation. The laxity of joints can be accompanied by several clinical symptoms like dwarfism, articular hypermobility, malalignment of the spinal chord, asymmetry of the thoracic, deformity of the elbow joints caused by radial heads of joints when bilaterally dislocated and deformity of foot joints which is medically termed as bilateral talipes equinovarus.

As the incidence of joint laxity is quite rare, the access to its right treatment procedure is also quite difficult. The treatment is quite complex as the physician has to carry out a series of tests like radiography in order to determine the exact cause of the laxity of joints. You can take a look at the following features that are mainly dealt for laxity of joints treatment with the help of radiography.


  • Dysplasia of the spondylo-epi-metaphyseal. Here, in an unnatural trabecular pattern the metaphyses are widendend.
  • The distal phalanges of the finger joints look broader than usual.
  • The occurrence of Coxa valga or hip joint deformity. Here the angle between the head and the neck of the femur and shaft is increased. Normally the hip joint laxity occurs when the angle is more than 135 degrees.
  • The incidence of Atlantoaxial subluxation. The Atlantoaxial subluxation occurs due to an injury when the ligament joining the atlas and axis bones of the joints become unstable.


Dislocation of the shoulder joints takes place when there is a sudden backward pull of the arms while your muscles of the hands get unprepared and can not resist the shock. Patients suffer from shoulder instability when the shoulder often gets dislocated while the occurrence of a partial dislocation of the shoulder joints is called subluxation.

Laxity of joints can give rise to severe pain and immobility. To avoid laxity of joints you can take the help of dietary supplements like Joint Advance that would keep your joints strong and shock resistant.


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Jane Anderson is a specialist in orthopedic surgery. She has been involved with the medical diagnosis in the field of orthopedics. To keep the joints strong and tough one can take up a supplementary drug according to the prescribed portion. You can consult a doctor to learn more about the efficacy and safety of the drugs on consumption.

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